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Deer Hunt in Barnes, Wisconsin

In November of 2005, I headed up north with my sons Alex and Travis to my uncle’s cabin in the remote town of Barnes. I have been hunting in that area for the better part of 40 years. The cabin is filled with memories of my grandmother’s cooking, the old timers playing cribbage, visiting neighbors […]

The Evolution of the Crossbow

Shooting a bow and arrow accurately is not always easy. However, shooting a crossbow is also hard but not as hard as the bow and arrow. There are many reasons that people get involved in crossbows. One reason that people choose to purchase crossbows for sale is target shooting. Crossbow hunting is also another reason […]

How Prolonged Sitting Can Affect Us and What to Do About It

Text neck. Poor circulation. Fatigue. Arthritis. Depression and moodiness. Headaches. Tension across the tops of the shoulders. What do all these have in common? During my 33 years in chiropractic practice, they are all conditions and symptoms that patients tell me they have acquired from long periods of required sitting at jobs, school, and hobbies. […]

The Best Uses For Backpacks

Backpacks are the top choice of gear for anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors or engaging in outdoor activities. Whether it be fishing, hunting, or hiking, you will certainly find its use a major ease during your activity. This is despite the several choices available for carrying your things or personal items during the […]

Pros and Cons of Bow Hunting vs Rifle Hunting

Most rifle hunters say that bow hunters should rifle hunt while bow hunters say that rifle hunters should pick a bow. In the end do what makes you most happy and most comfortable. 1. Pros-Bow Hunting: Bow hunters definitely don’t have the crowd that rifle hunters have to deal with. Bow hunters rarely see anyone […]