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Lake Texoma, Texas

Lake Texoma was impounded in 1944 and is located on the Red River in North Texas on the Texas and Oklahoma border just northwest of Denison and Sherman Texas. It has 74,686 acres of water with a maximum depth of 100 ft. and a pool level of 615 ft to 619 ft. msl The lake […]

Camping Tents – Your Home Away From Home

Tents for Camping are a Necessity When the call of the wilderness beckons you to the great outdoors, choosing the right tent can either fill your trip with fond memories or ruin the whole experience. Whether or not you are a first time camper or have years of experience under your belt, finding a tent […]

Sopranos Characters – Furio Giunta

Furio Giunta is a soldier that Tony imports from Italy on the HBO television show The Sopranos. He is played by Federico Castelluccio. The character of Furio is used at first in an interesting way: he provides a strange sort of comic relief. On the one hand, Furio seems a little out of place, with […]

Mysteries of the Louisiana Swamp Lands

Situated in and around Louisiana is a string of swamplands, which are home to some of the most versatile groupings of wildlife in the country. This Southern locale is also just as well-known for its musical heritage, amazing food and mysterious bayous, all of which make it one of the ideal destinations for travelers looking […]

A Retired, Single RV’er Travels

For some 30 years I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don’t hold that against me. I really wasn’t a very good lawyer.) When I was about to turn 62 years old and collect social security I decided to quit my practice and go camping. I already owned a Coleman tent-camper and a small pick-up. […]