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Hunting on Missouri Public Land

Though many hunters turn their noses up at the mere thought of hunting public land, for one reason or another, many hunters eventually have to look to public land to find land on which to hunt. Fortunately for Missouri hunters, as well as those visiting the Show-Me-State to hunt, there are lots of great public […]

Cabin Rentals on Texas Lakes

Renting a cabin for you and your family for a Texas fishing trip can be an exciting adventure.Enjoying the rustic atmosphere of a cabin versus staying in a motel can make your fishing trip all the more memorable. Lake Rental cabins are more expensive than traditional accommodations, but well worth the extra expense. When searching […]

Sopranos Characters – Rosalie Aprile

Rosalie Aprile is the widow of mob boss Jackie Aprile on the HBO television series The Sopranos. Her character is played by Sharon Angela. Rosalie Aprile is perhaps the most stereotypical “mob wife.” She overtly defends the mob from any criticism, comparing those who speak to the cops to Judas and complaining when their parish […]

5 Effective Ways To Sleep Easier While Camping

You love camping, spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities. But you dread bed time – you just can’t sleep properly or keep waking up in the middle of the night while inside your tent. Many campers, especially new ones, have experienced this. With a little more experience, a few adjustments and the right […]

A Hiking Passion For the Southern Utah Desert

By southern Utah, I refer to the area south of I-70 and east of I-15. Being a desert rat, I admit to a prejudice. Also, I love rattlesnakes. However, the area is remarkable, by any measuring stick, for geologic wonders and archeological experiences. When I thought of my favorite hikes, they all happened to fall […]

Unusual Warning Signs

Warning signs are used by private companies at the workplace in order to protect the employees of potential risks. They are also used on the public roads under the form of traffic signs. A traffic warning sign indicates a hazard that may not be readily apparent ahead on the road. As an international rule, in […]

Why You Should NOT Visit Southern Utah

If you’re not into world-class scenery, adventure, relaxation, entertainment, events and attractions, then southern Utah is definitely not for you. St. George, Utah and surrounding areas, located in the southwest corner of Utah, is one of North America’s best-kept secrets and I intend to keep it that way; I simply don’t like having to share […]