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How To Help Save Lions With Lion Shirts

Unbeknown to most people, the lion population across Africa is rapidly depleting. There were over 1 million lions roaming the earth 2000 years ago. Since the 1940’s when lion numbers were estimated at 450,000, the population has been nearly wiped out across Africa. Recent reports into lion numbers have estimated as few as 20,000 animals […]

The Importance of a Good Hunting Knife

One of the most important things you must have in your hunting gear is a good hunting knife. That important tool can safe your life or make or break your hunting trip. I know I went through a lot of knives till I found the right ones that I keep on me when I’m out […]

Deer Hunting Passions

Hunting big whitetail bucks every year is not a passion it is and obsession. I prepare all year for the season to come in so I will be ready when that buck walks in sight. I hunt in the north part of Mississippi on a 2,500 acre ranch where the biggest buck in the state […]

Parts of a Deer Antler – Deer Rack Anatomy 101

Deer antlers are an incredibly fascinating biological phenomenon. The shape of antlers range from very small sharp “spikes” to fantastical typical and non-typical racks. To better understand the parts of a deer antler, we will first examine some basic deer antler terminology, the difference between horns and antler then follow up with the correct name […]

How to Keep Your Bow in Good Shape

Water vs bow The most important thing to remember is that water is not the best friend of your archery equipment. Humidity getting into wooden elements will cause swelling and disfiguration. The best way to prevent this from happening is to store your bow in a dry place and not exposing it into rapid changes […]

Who Invented The Stairlift?

The origins of everyday objects can be very interesting this is also the case for stairlifts. Stairlifts originate back to 1920 from a very clever guy called CC Crispen. Crispen lived in Pennsylvania in the United States. He had a love for engineering he had built up over the years. Crispin had an entrepreneurial spirit […]