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History of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an ancient sport, with records of Romans in 200 AD using flies to catch trout and the more complete history of fishing in England and Scotland beginning in the 17th century. The Japanese form of line casting, Tenkara, is traced to the 19th century, but Japanese anglers have been tying flies for […]

Maddie & Tae – Shut Up And Fish

Shut Up And Fish (Official Video) Song available on the album Start Here Share/Stream “Shut Up And Fish” on Spotify: Subscribe: Watch more: Connect with Maddie & Tae Online: Visit the Official Maddie & Tae Website: Visit the Official Maddie & Tae Store: Follow Maddie & Tae on Instagram: Follow Maddie & Tae on TikTok: […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing With Monster Worms

Big bass love to try and get their mouths around gigantic creations. Some like to finesse big fish, and outdoors magazines are often filled with “Micro lures for Giant Bass” articles. We are they kidding, big fish like to eat big lures, these articles are just filling space for their advertisers. Sure, big fish will […]