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81 NIGHT CREW KILLS. Trust me…….you have time!

Get ready to see the best night time predator kill compilation ever assembled. The Night Crew team has pushed this sport to it’s very limits with the most intense and heart-pounding night hunting action ever produced. This is what they live for and the past few years have delivered more action than they ever imagined […]

The Evolution of the Firefighter Turnout Gear

First of all, what is a firefighter turnout gear? Firefighter turnout gear also known as a “bunker gear” is the term used by firefighters to describe the different protective clothing they use when fighting a fire. The term bunker gear is derived from the fact that fire fighter will keep their boots, trousers and jackets […]

Underwater Fishing | Best Fishing Video

*** ANTI-PIRACY WARNING *** This content is copyright to Fish & Fishing. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-uploading in any media is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented! WARNING : Don’t Upload Videos From “Fish & Fishing” to any Facebook […]

Fishing Tackle

The term ‘tackle’ used to denote ‘fishing apparatus’ has been part of the fishing vocabulary since the 13th century. Sometimes also known as ‘fishing gear’ as in commercial fishing, it is more commonly used to describe recreational fishing by anglers. Fishing tackle refers to the equipment used in fishing; in contrast, the term ‘tackle’ can […]

Fly Fishing in El Salvador

Fly Fishing in El Salvador is quite an adventure for fly fishermen around the globe. People who have experienced fishing in Patagonia, Alaska, and Canada then an adventure of Fly fishing awaits in this unexplored territory. There have been a number of fly fishermen asking about the overall panorama along the Salvadoran coastline for fly […]