Missouri, known as the “Show Me State,” is home to plentiful wildlife and a deep hunting tradition. Its diverse landscapes offer habitats for a wide range of game animals, making it a haven for hunters. From dense forests to open grasslands, each hunting season in Missouri provides a unique experience. This article delves into the different hunting seasons, the game available for pursuit, and the rules and regulations that promote a sustainable and ethical hunting culture.

Fall – A Time for Big Game and Waterfowl

Fall in Missouri is an exciting time for hunters, with cooler temperatures and vibrant foliage. It’s a season filled with opportunities to hunt big game, including deer and elk.

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Deer Hunting

Missouri’s deer hunting seasons are highly anticipated. The archery deer season begins in September and runs through November, with an additional month from late November to January. The firearms deer season consists of three segments: an early youth portion in October, a November portion, and a late youth portion in November.

Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is a newly available opportunity in Missouri. The very first managed elk hunt occurred in 2020. The season, usually limited to a few days in October, offers a unique hunting experience for a select number of permit holders.

Waterfowl Hunting

Missouri’s waterfowl hunting seasons usually occur from late October to January, with varying dates for different species such as ducks and geese.

Small Game Hunting

Small game species like rabbits and squirrels provide an extended hunting season, typically from mid-October to mid-February, offering ample opportunities for hunters to sharpen their skills.

Turkey Hunting

The spring turkey hunting season typically begins in mid-April and extends through May. Additionally, there is a special weekend in April dedicated to youth hunters, providing them with an opportunity to experience the thrill of turkey hunting.

Rules and Regulations

Missouri prioritizes ethical hunting and maintains a comprehensive system of rules and regulations to promote the sustainable conservation of wildlife populations. Hunters must acquire the required permits and comply with bag limits and other regulations established by the Missouri Department of Conservation.