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The Different Types of Camping Tents

The type of tent packed for a camping trip can tell volumes about the type of excursion a camping party is going on. Because there is a wide variety of tents, choosing a good tent for the right environment can be a little confusing. Choosing the right tent should hinge upon the size of the […]

Chairs and Weight Limits

Just about every person in the entire world owns at least one chair. Even if it’s an upside-down milk crate, we have to sit somewhere, right? I happen to be a person who thinks a lot about chairs. I like the way they look, the amazing varieties in which they are made, the way designs […]

California’s South-Central Coast

Traveling the Pacific Coastline on highway 1 between San Simeon and Carmel through Big Sur is full of dramatic scenery, where the turquoise waters crash into the rugged cliffs and mountains which rise up right from the ocean. For over 60 miles the highway winds its way along the cliff walls providing breathtaking views around […]

Top 5 Family Camping Tips

Just by following some basic family camping tips, you can make your trip a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Camping with the family is a word-wide popular recreational activity. But, you must be well prepared to enjoy such trips. Otherwise, you may end with a miserable experience. You have to be very […]

Chihuahuas – Urban Legends and Myths About the Breed

Urban legends are also known as folklore, often these tales are concocted by people of a bygone time period who have tried to offer up explanations about the unexplained. Some of these mythical tales and stories still exist and linger on, even today. There are several stories that surround different dog breeds, Chihuahuas included. Chihuahuas […]

Half Moon Lake Trail – Alpine, AZ

The Half Moon Lake Trail is located in the Williams Valley Winter Recreation Area of the Apache National Forest and falls under the jurisdiction of the Alpine Ranger District. The Half Moon Lake Trail is the longest in the trail system, approximately 10 miles and offers year around recreation for hiking and biking during the […]

Planning an Outdoor Survival Trip

If you are planning to go on an outdoor survival trip, be sure you are physically and mentally able and prepared for such a daring and risky adventure. We suggest you take the time to gather some notes and plan your trip way in advance. All though this will be an awesome experience, and a […]