Why Gang Hooks Are So Effective As A Fish Catching Tool

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Gang Hooks are, by far, the most effective hook set up that I’ve ever used. They help me catch many more fish (especially trout) than other anglers. You might ask, “How do these hooks help you catch more fish? Isn’t a hook a hook?” I can understand how you could be thinking exactly that, so I’m going to try to explain why gang hooks are so effective.

First of all, you probably don’t know what a gang hook is. A gang hook is simply a pair of hooks tied in tandem. That’s it, that’s all they are. In most cases a gang hook also consists of a pair of hooks that are considerably smaller than you’re probably accustomed to. I personally use size 10 hooks for my gang hooks, and for those of you who don’t know, a size 10 hook is pretty small. So, my personal preference is to tie two size 10 hooks in tandem on four pound test monofilament.

When other anglers see my gang hook setup for the first time, their reaction is usually that of unbelief. They don’t believe that a fish of any size could be landed using a gang hook setup that I’m describing. They couldn’t be more wrong. I regularly hook and subsequently land twenty inch rainbow and cutthroat trout on gang hooks exactly like I’m describing. Not to mention the fact that I’ve landed trout in the five pound class and a walleye that was almost eight pounds on the exact setup being described in this article.

The bottom line is that large fish can be hooked and landed on hooks this small and regularly are. Using hooks and line as small as this does require the angler to “play” the fish for a longer period of time, but what angler has a problem with a good fight? Isn’t a good fight one of the reasons we choose to fish in the first place? It most certainly is for me.

Using size 10 gang hooks has another deadly advantage. The anglers bait (obviously gang hooks are used for live bait fishing) is presented in a completely natural manner with the hooks being all but invisible. For example, if a half a night crawler is used for bait (my personal favorite) the angler hooks the top of the crawler through the first hook, then stretched the worm out and naturally hooks the second hook into the body of the worm. When the angler holds their bait in the air it is presented as an outstretched worm, the exact same way it will be presented in the water. The deadly thing is that this worm now has two hooks in its body to aid in your fish catching.

This is a totally natural presentation. The worm looks the same as if you just grabbed it and threw it in the water. The factors mentioned above are the reason why gang hooks are so effective. I suggest you give them a try as soon as you can, you won’t be disappointed.