Tips For RV Camping – Setting Up & Breaking Down Your Campsite

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Are you a seasoned rv camping expert, or just starting out? No matter what your level of experience with RV camping, setting up your RV campsite is easy if you adhere to a few simple guidelines! The #1 rule in a smooth setup is keeping it the same every time you go! Refer to the following checklist or create one that fits your needs…after all, the idea is get your RV campsite up and running and the lawn chairs out next to the grill as quickly as possible! campros 6 person tent

  • Check in: Whether or not you have a campsite already reserved, let the campground hosts know your site preferences. They can provide you with a site map to help you find where everything is located.
  • Initial site check: Once you arrive at your site, be sure to check for overhead obstructions and any other objects that may interfere with parking or placing your recreational vehicle. Make sure the electrical connections are working before you start set-up.
  • Parking: Plan ahead for how you intend to position your RV on the site and the best way to make that happen. Once you’re satisfied with where you’re located, level the rig, unhitch it and chock the trailer wheels and place blocks under the landing gear. If you have a Fifth wheel, pull the hitch lever. (This may sound ridiculous, but be sure to disconnect the connections from the truck to the RV before you drive away! The embarrassed voice of experience speaking!)Once your RV is in place, make sure it’s as level as possible.
  • Site Set-up: Once you’re sure the RV is stable, hook up your electrical connection, water, sewer, etc. and turn your LP gas on.
  • Relax: Begin to unload the ‘basics’: lawn chairs, grills, any awnings, tables, or extras.
  • Have fun!

At the end of your rv camping vacation, the following tips and guidelines can be helpful in preparing for your departure:

  • Inside: Wipe off all your gear, stow all loose items such as pictures, nick-knacks, dishes, etc. Close the windows and vents, secure cabinets and drawers. Make sure all of your appliances are turned off, unplugged and secured.
  • Gear:Roll up and stow all awnings, rugs, chairs, grill, etc. Dump holding tanks, disconnect and stow hoses. Unplug electrical connections, fill fresh water tank, drain and stow the water hose and filters. Be sure to turn off your propane!
  • Rig removal: Remove and stow all stabilizers, wheel chocks and any other parking gear. Hitch up and check your hitch by pulling forward just enough to make sure it’s tight.Hook up the break-away switch cable, umbilical connection, and check to make sure all trailer and brake lights are working and raise the landing gear
  • Double Check: Make a thorough check of your campsite to make sure you have everything taken care of before locking up your rv

RV Camping is fun, and offers an opportunity to experience scenic vistas and unforgettable attractions no matter where you go!