Things to Do at Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park is a great state park with lava rocks, many awesome camping trails as well as many great rock climbing areas.

The park has over 18 miles of hiking trails leading to some of the most breath taking views and scenery.

Here is a list of interesting things you can do while you are at Snow Canyon.

1. Walk to Lava Caves

The lava caves are truly a site to see. These are large caves created out of lava rocks. They formed as lava was flowing down the canyon. The outer layer of this lava hardened and creates a shell around the

inner layer which was still flowing.

This natural phenomenon lead to a spectacular creation which is well worth bringing your camera for. Viewing these caves can help us to better understand the beauty of nature.

2. Sand Dunes

There is also a large area of sand dunes in the park. This is a perfect place to take pictures play Frisbee or some other sand related sport.

Another interesting thing about this section of the park is the footprints. There are dozens of animal footprints in the sand ranging from small to medium sized animals.

3. Camping

Snow Canyon also has a campground with everything you would ever need from bathrooms with hot showers to electric hookups for RVs.

The campground is relatively close to some great attractions such as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon making it a wonderful spot to camp out if you want to see all you can see.