The Top 5 West-Coast Proposal Locations

noahs outdoors

Where will you ask the question she’s been waiting her whole life to hear? You really can’t go wrong with an exotic destination, say Hawaii, or the classic view-of-the-city venue (Seattle’s space needle, the Stratosphere in Vegas, need I go on???). And we’ve all seen the question popped at a sporting event or a fancy restaurant. But you want this day, second in importance only to the BIG day, to be unique and special, a story to tell your children and grandchildren. So read on to find the top 5 west-coast proposal locations to ask the most important question of your life.

5. Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – A well-rehearsed speech (or one made up on the spot) comparing your love to this geothermal rarity (like love, it ebbs and flows, but it is forever faithful) will melt her heart faster than the boiling water of the geyser.

4. The Bellagio fountain, Las Vegas, Nevada – Not as classic as the Empire State Building, but with a bottle of bubbly (Open liquor on the street? No problem!), a little Debussy, and the enchanting light and water show as a backdrop, a romantic proposal is all but assured.

3. Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, Victoria, British Colombia – Transformed in 1904 from a limestone quarry, this ever-changing display of topiary beauty is the perfect setting for a proposal. Come prepared with a poem (a little Robert Burns goes a long way) as you drop to one knee under a canopy of roses. The prettiest flower will be going home with you.

4. The Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA – Plan your trip in early spring to take advantage of the ephemeral cherry blossoms. Then enjoy tea and cookies (for something extra special, pre-order personalized fortune cookies at the My Lucky Fortune website before you kneel atop the famous drum bridge to deliver your prediction for the future…a lifetime together.

5. Arches National Park, Utah – Even girls who aren’t into “outdoorsy” stuff like hiking and camping can’t resist the natural splendor of these geological phenomena. Amidst the soaring arches of sandstone, connecting earth and sky, give her the rock that will connect the two of you for the rest of your lives.

So there you have it, the top 5 west-coast proposal locations that are sure to be a hit! Good luck