The Role of Professional Booking Agents

Much of hunting is about ethics- so do the ethical thing. Send your friends directly to the agent to book the trip. Who knows- the agent may surprise your buddies by telling that he no longer uses your old outfitter- because of a fire in his area, or because he started drinking over his pending divorce. So the agent suggests a solid alternative and your buddies stay happy.

Build a relationship with your agent – and over the years it will pay big dividends. Make yourself a frequent caller, a well known and well respected client-and the agent will return your kindness over and over in the form of phone calls on hot opportunities and discounts, and perhaps invitations to join the agent on a particularly interesting trip.

A smart hunter or fisherman realizes that a good relationship here can pay big dividends for many years! And for heaven’s sake- a good agent should always have cancellations and bargains and hot new things around! Get on his cancellation list- you can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars! Our agency lets you sign up for cancellation notices- free of charge. Just get us your email! You may well save thousands of dollars on the trip of a lifetime.