The Role of Professional Booking Agents

Also, be aware that if problems do show up on a trip booked through an agent, you have a very strong ally in your corner! Someone who will listen to your complaint, and will grab hold of the outfitter and try to find some solution for you- like a re-hunt or a discounted hunt, or a partial refund. The outfitter, if he has any common sense, realizes that he needs to keep the agent happy with him, or he will receive no further clients! So you now have leverage you did not have as a solo client. And it costs you nothing!

A reasonably intelligent agent wants you to come back again and again. That means we need to give you solid advice. In return, -respect your agent and be as loyal to him as he is to you. If friends want to do your trip-send them back to the agent. He trusts you. He took care of you. He is trying to make a living and on the modest commissions he earns he depends on your referring friends and clients to him again and again. Going around him is to condemn him to ultimate failure. Yes, you can have your buddies call the outfitter direct, but is that the ethical way to thank the agent for all the time he put into finding you the right trip? You may need his services again. He trusted you with the outfitters information, now don’t use it against him.