The Role of Professional Booking Agents

But booking your trip through a professional certainly ups your odds dramatically. While the agent cannot possibly control exactly what happens on your particular trip, he does know what that outfitters overall record is. The best of outfitters can fail to get you your trophy, but always remember that the agent is working to stack opportunity in your favor- and finding you the better opportunities is what we do. Hopefully you will always enjoy your experience and the adventure, and it is important not to equate a trophy or the size of the trophy — with enjoying the experience.

Try to go with the mental attitude that you will have fun no matter what- and over the years you will realize that such an attitude will give you years of enjoyment! You are living freely; you are in the great outdoors; you are doing physical tasks and you are seeing new sights, making new friends and acquiring expertise and experience. I have seen the sun rise over Outer Mongolian mountains; I have watched giant Artic char jump in wild Siberian Rivers; I have discussed black holes in the solar system with fellow bow hunters around a Colorado campfire on a starry night; I have seen the dancing Northern Lights above the Artic Circle- these are important, and I encourage everyone to relish these things. Success is in the doing, not in the hanging of the trophy on the wall. We all crave success; just don’t let it cloud your enjoyment of the experience.