The Role of Professional Booking Agents

Normally, a good agent will first find out what your interests are. Maybe African plains game this year, maybe an American elk next year and maybe a Red stag down the road. All those wishes get logged into a computer, and if a great trip comes along, you get a call or more likely, an email! Or you may want to go on a multiple specie horseback wilderness hunt. A good agent will ask you to talk to him realistically about your horsemanship; your physical conditioning; your trophy size expectations; and importantly your budget. While our fictitious outfitter “Sam” might gloss over some of these things, the booking agent can steer you away from Sam and into something more suitable for you.

Now please realize that using a good professional full time booking agent is not a guarantee of success! The best agent there is cannot predict the dozens of variables that can affect any given trip. He can place you the very finest outfitter in the world- but the weather may be awful; the prime guide may take ill; a crucial piece of equipment may fail; the game or fish may for unknown reasons vacate their normal haunts; the guide may have taken to drinking due to his divorce — the list is endless.