The Role of Professional Booking Agents

In today’s frantic paced world, TIME is the major commodity we all are lacking in our personal lives. Time for family, time for friends, time to pursue your sporting interests. Finding a quality outfitter takes precious time away from family and business. So what do you do? Too often, you simply hear of a trip, decide to do it, and off you go. Deep down you know you should have looked around, you know you should have asked more questions, you know you should have done more research-but time won’t allow you that luxury. It can take you 4 or 5 phone calls just to get the most basic information into your hands, never mind all the nuances and little known facts and details. You can find thousands of hunting and fishing trips on the internet-all showing pictures of their biggest animals or fish, all telling you why they are the best bet. Now multiply that times hundreds and thousands of outfitters offering the same species in dozens of different locations, and you realize how daunting your task is. Sure, your buddy Johnny had a good trip last year – got a great animal. But did Johnny tell you he got the only trophy in camp? Did he tell you he had the only decent guide? Did he tell you it was the only animal he saw and did he know that the next group after him left early after 3 days of frustration?

Imagine then, that instead of dealing with this, you simply make a SINGLE phone call to a clearinghouse of information, the professional booking agent. They have tens of thousands of hours invested into trying to find the better trips. Realize that “Sam” the outfitter — can only sell you the trip he personally has and does — and realize that Sam is trying to earn a living, Sam needs you to book, and worries that you may look elsewhere. Sam is mighty tempted to do and say whatever it takes to get your check!! He knows the outfitter next door, Bill- has a far better area and a far better hunt- but Sam is never gonna tell you about Bill!!! The booking agent does not have to sell you Sam’s trip, because he has Harry, Wally, Bill and Paul offering the same or better trips, and for hopefully less money! So an agent has no need to put the hard sell on you — as Sam had to do. And we agents depend on your returning to us year after year, so we want to keep you as happy as possible.