The Role of Professional Booking Agents

This was an unusual situation, but it graphically illustrates how building a relationship with a professional booking agent can pay off big time. Other reasons may be less apparent. Right now I can see dozens of hunts posted on our bulletin boards, all of which are specially discounted. Yesterday we booked a client on a mountain goat hunt in British Columbia- at a savings of $3,000US! Was he happy he called us? You betcha!! A full time hunting consultant typically spends 40 to 60 hours a week, every week working on hunts. That is what you want, someone devoted to this business, full time.

Clearly, a sportsman cannot afford to devote that much time and effort into locating good hunts and good fishing trips. A good competent full time agent does this checking and research and searching for you. A good agent literally eats and sleeps hunting and fishing.