The Roche Lake Area – A Fisherman’s Paradise

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The Roche Lake area located approximately 35 kms south of Kamloops, BC is truly a trout fisherman’s paradise for a fly fishing vacation. This lake dotted area hosts 12 super trout fishing lakes and all within a few kilometers of each other. 10 of the lakes lie within the boundaries of Roche Lake Provincial Park and two others, Bleeker and Hosli are north of the park.

Roche Lake Provincial Park is in the rolling hills of the Thompson plateau with the fishing lakes sitting at an average elevation of about 3725 ft. The terrain is a mixture of pine, fir and poplar forests rising from the open rangeland of cattle country.

The area supports 2 related fisheries being rainbow trout and brook trout. Some of the lakes contain both species that flourish rather well. Horseshoe, Black, Rose and Tulip contain both species to some degree while Bog Lake has only brook trout. Roche, Bleeker, Hosli, Ernest, Frisken, John Frank and Bulman are rainbow trout only lakes. Roche Lake has been a well-known destination for trophy rainbows for decades and was one of the hosts for the 1993 World Fly Fishing Championship.

Triploid rainbows and triploid brook trout are now being stocked in the appropriate water bodies. Triploid trout are well known for their rapid and continual growth to handsome physical proportions because of their inability to reproduce. They just eat and grow, in many cases, the 8-12lb range for the rainbows and 5-6 lbs. for the brookies.

You do not need anything more than a car to take advantage of the area but the better you are equipped for rough terrain will determine how many of these lakes you can get to. All the lakes are accessible by some description of road. Tulip, Rose, Roche, Bleeker and Horseshoe lakes are easily navigated by car or 2-wheel drive pickup. The road into Black and Bog is over rough terrain with solid bottomed holes where a truck with adequate clearance can crawl in. Ernest, Bulman, Frisken, John Frank and Hosli are the furthest out from Roche Lake and are the toughest to access without 4-wheel drive capability at various times of the year, particularly spring.

Roche Lake has 2 Provincial campgrounds on the Lake. Most of the other lakes have rustic camping capabilities other than Tulip and Bog. The area is also a popular wildlife viewing for waterfowl and other birds, grouse, deer, moose, and bear. John Frank and Horseshoe lakes are operating DU Canada (BC) cooperative water management and waterfowl conservation projects. The side benefit is the outstanding fishery that came with them.

Located at the end of the main road to Roche Lake is the Roche Lake Resort. You must drive through the provincial park campground (a rather open area) before reaching the resort. It is a great view of the lake as you break out into the campground looking south over Roche Lake. Roche Lake Resort has both accommodation rental units and camping capabilities along with a store, restaurant and guiding service.

Many of these lakes have their own designated special regulations and recommend that you consult the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations prior to fishing any lake or stream.

Want to know more about the particulars for each lake pertaining to flies, lines, structure, and hotspots? For this and more information visit Best Fly Fishing Lakes in BC: Roche Lake Area.

Consider making the Roche Lake Area your next BC fly fishing vacation destination.