The Importance of a Good Hunting Knife

One of the most important things you must have in your hunting gear is a good hunting knife. That important tool can safe your life or make or break your hunting trip. I know I went through a lot of knives till I found the right ones that I keep on me when I’m out hunting. A good strong and durable hunting knife should last you a lifetime.

I have a few good quality knives in my hunting gear. A pocket knife, a buck, a skinning and a large hunting knife. A good quality pocket knife can do some things a larger hunting knife can do. So don’t under estimate spending money on a good pocket knife. My buck knife and pocket knife are both made by Buck knives. Buck makes very good quality knives and the can handle any situation that can come up. My skinning knife and large fixed blades are made by Gerber. Gerber also makes very good quality knives and my Gerber knives haven’t let me down, nor has my Buck knives.

A good buck knife should be able to almost handle all your hunting needs. I field dressed my first deer with just my folding buck knife which had a 3.5″ blade only. My fixed blade has a length of 5.5″ and this knife can handle a lot of tough situations. I have used this one to cut down small trees, limb trees, and also a lot around the campsite.

So every hunter knows that a good knife is a must to have, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on one. A high quality knife, or knives should be in every hunters bag, they may save your life.