The Different Types of Camping Tents

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The type of tent packed for a camping trip can tell volumes about the type of excursion a camping party is going on. Because there is a wide variety of tents, choosing a good tent for the right environment can be a little confusing. Choosing the right tent should hinge upon the size of the party and the area in which the group will be camping.

One type of large tent is the family sized tent. Family sized tents are aimed at accommodating large groups of people in the same structure. It is useful for a camping party because it can be carried by one person giving others the opportunity to carry other necessities. These tents are best suited for camping trips around the contiguous United States.

Another version of tents is the backpacking tent. These tents are designed to accompany people on extended hiking trips and offer quick protection from the elements. They are built to house no more than two people at a time and due to their small size, are extremely light to carry. Most of these tents fold up into a small package and can be taken down or set up quickly.

Weatherized tents are examples of tents that are can be used for people with more extreme camping needs. They are built to be as durable as possible because they must stand up to the harsher elements found in nature. Mountain climbing or ice fishing are two good examples of when a weatherized tent is the best choice.

Picking the right tent for a trip can make or break a camping experience. Always try to keep in mind the venue in which a camp site will be chosen. For harsher climates, buying a weatherized tent that is well insulated is the best option. For small groups and quick set up, pop tents are usually the best choice. Family size tents are the most basic and can fit all regular camping needs.