Recurve Crossbow or Compound Crossbow?

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You might be sitting there at your computer wondering what the benefits are of buying a recurve crossbow verses those of a compound crossbow. Well, we’re here to help you sort that out so all you have to worry about is the hunting. While compound bows are getting more and more popular these days as the technology keeps advancing, some crossbow companies, for example, Excalibur Crossbow, are still focusing on recurve crossbows because there are five key benefits of a recurve crossbow: coon hunting lights

  1. Lightweight – There is nothing worse that trekking through the woods lugging around a heavy bow. With the recurve, you are going to have less weight on your shoulder giving you more mobility while you are moving from one favorite hunting spot to another. On the other hand, compound crossbows are more sophisticated with more parts.
  2. Accurate – With the recurve crossbow, you never have to tune it. Therefore, the accuracy always stays the same. You don’t have to worry about tweaking a knob here and there in order to line up your shot.
  3. Reliable/Durable – What’s the old saying? A bow that’s in the shop is a bow that’s not making any kills. Ever notice how compound crossbows have a lot of pulleys and cables that need constant tweaking? With the recurve, there are a lot less moving parts which means fewer things to fix. They are extremely tough because everyone knows there’s going to be unforeseen bumping and knocking going on as you walk through the woods.
  4. Ability to change a broken string – If you’re out there in the woods with your compound bow and a string snaps, your hunting day is over in an instant. If you had a recurve crossbow, all you would have to do is change out the broken string and replace it with a new one and continue on with your hunt-no need to have to take it into a shop for repair. The job can be easily done with the help of a stringing device.
  5. Power – There is a myth out there that you might lose power when using the recurve. Well, that is just not the case. There is a ton of power with a recurve crossbow which will allows you to hunt after that big game.

There’s a reason why the recurve crossbow has been around for thousands of years. It works! We hope that these five factors will help you with your decision when deciding between a recurve crossbow and a compound crossbow.