Rainbow Trout – Catching Rainbow Trout During The Spawn

One of the best time of the year to catch rainbow trout is during the spring and there is one simple reason why this is the case. During the spring rainbow trout spawn and when rainbow trout spawn they are very susceptible to being caught by anglers. In this article I will discuss this phenomenon and provide you with some tips and techniques for catching rainbow trout during the spring spawning season.

In most parts of the United states “rainbows” spawn in the spring, specifically from March to May. Many times the “trout fishing season” will coincide with time that rainbows spawn, which is to say the spring. However there are many different strains of Rainbow trout and certain strains will spawn in the fall instead. These fish usually spawn for the first time when they reach twelve to sixteen inches in length (normally around the end of their second year). This means that the rainbow trout that you catch during the spawning season tend to be larger than will normally be caught at other times.

The reason we as anglers want to be aware of when these fish spawn is because certain types of bait and trout fishing techniques tend to be more effective when the rainbow trout are spawning than they are at other times. Also, fishing for these fish when they are spawning can be effective because of the fact that they need to feed more in order to keep their energy levels up, which means they are more apt to bite your offering.

Because the trout are spawning, by far the most popular and effective bait choice for catching rainbow trout while spawning is taking place are trout eggs. Since trout eggs aren’t readily available in most areas this means that salmon eggs, egg sacks, drift balls, or a glo-ball if you are a fly fisherman, are the best bait choice to use when fishing for rainbows that are spawning. You see trout disperse eggs throughout the water as they are spawning and the eggs that are float through the current are an easy food source for hungry trout.

“Drift fishing” any of the above versions of salmon eggs is a very effective technique to use when fishing for these beautiful fish when they are spawning. Drifting some manifestation of a salmon egg or salmon eggs in a river or at the mouth of a river as it dumps into a lake is an excellent way to go about catching rainbows that are spawning. Rainbows will often congregate at the mouth of a river before “running” up said river to complete the spawning process, making them am easy target for fishermen.

The bottom line when it comes to catching rainbow trout is that the spawn (which means the spring in many areas) is one of the most productive times of the year for fishing for these multi-colored beauties.

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