Practical Everyday Use for Freeze Dried Food Storage

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Long term emergency food storage is being designed to last for 25 years or more. Traditionally food storage would just sit on the shelf until the expiration date. It was stored in case of emergency which is still what people are doing with it today. However, more and more practical uses are being found for freeze dried food in addition to using for emergency food storage. Here are three other very practical ways to use emergency freeze dried food for ever day use. Food storage can be used in camping or hunting trips, can be used as meals for summer or winter homes, cabins or cottages and as part of an individual or family meal plan.

Packing food that is light weight and highly portable can be difficult when camping or hunting. Most people who camp or hunt generally go for at least a couple days. Planning to feed a group of individuals for multiple days and worry about not only finding a way to get the food to the camping spot but also keeping it cool until it needs to be cooked can be huge headache. This is why freeze dried food storage has gained popularity with those that go on extended camping or hunting trips. The meals are extremely light and portable. One meal is as long as an envelope and weighs only ounces. Each food storage meal contains a number of servings, anywhere from 4-10 servings. The food is packaged in individual meals making it easy to prepare the meal. All that needs to be done is add water. The meals themselves are good tasting and well balanced and provide the important energy needed while camping or hunting.

Summer/Winter homes, cabins and cottages can be off the beaten path. Having to worry about packing in food each time these places are visited can not only be a planning nightmare but also something very difficult to pull off. Some of these locations are quite far away from the next closest grocery store. Some of these cottages also don’t offer some of the amenities of home like refrigeration. These types of cabins are generally much smaller in size, so it’s important that the food is not only portability but also easy to store. Some cottages, in Canada for example, are so remote that bringing food each time they are visited is almost impossible. So there is a trend to purchase this long term emergency food storage that can be stored while not there without any issues and kept fresh and usable each time the place is visited. Freeze dried food is very portable, easy to store and carries 25 years or more shelf life.

Another trend in the industry is food storage meals are being used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These meals are so easy to prepare that some folks are preparing these meals for themselves or their families on a weekly basis. These food storage meals are familiar meals that most families eat on a regular basis anyways but with much more preparation time required. The price per meal is still much less than going out to dinner and comparable to cooking the meal from scratch. Again, all that is required is to add boiling water to the individual packed food and wait 10-15 minutes and you have fully prepared lunch or dinner. Even less effort is needed to take advantage of some of the breakfast options.

As the emergency food storage supplies are used, it is easy to replenish the stock of food. You can always just order more. And even though the food does not need to be rotated but every 25 years, using the food also helps ensure that the emergency supply is ready to use.

There are practical uses for freeze dried food in addition to the emergency preparedness. Daily use of these meals is becoming more common. Things like camping, hunting or staying at your favorite summer or winter home can be a great reason to look into freeze dried food meals as a good way to eat.