Pentax Lightseeker 30 Scope Review

noahs outdoors

The Pentax Corporation is a Japan based company that was established in the early 20th century. It is one of the leading manufacturers of optics and many other gadgets. It became world-renowned through its high-quality products such as cameras, interchangeable lenses, telescopes, lens covers and other accessories. Pentax is a part of Hoya Corporation which is also a manufacturer of various optical products.

My admiration for Pentax started when I purchased a Pentax Pioneer. With its 4-14 power adjustment and notably clear quality optics, I couldn’t ask for more. Then I got introduced to an exceptional rifle scope, the Lightseeker 30. I was completely awed by its performance. To be able to sight in at 220 yards, my rifle just needed to fire 9 times. During my experience with this scope, I was able to see clearly even though the moon was not in sight that night. This scope makes night hunting a piece of cake.

The Lightseeker 30 is Pentax’s most widely accepted rifle scope. This type of scope includes an innovation of Pentax, the famous Lightseeker optics. Instead of the standard 1″ tube, they enclosed in a larger 30mm tube. This scope is certified more durable than the rest of their models as well. It includes Pentax elevation adjustment with extra windage adjustments too. Pentax designed this specifically for shooters who crave maximum mechanical efficiency and flawless optics. This is suitable for hunting prairie dogs in the west and even shooting in bean fields in the distant south.

Unlike the regular scope, Lightseeker XL is advanced with its bigger erector lenses. It provides a brighter and better image than the rest of the scopes available on the market. Influenced by the European custom, this scope is composed of a thicker tube wall and highly durable reticles. It also boasts quick focus eyepieces which are one of the best you can get your hands on. Overall, I give the Lightseeker series a thumbs up.