Notes on Florida Bass Fishing

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Florida bass fishing has always offered anglers an excellent balance of challenge versus reward. As bass fishing becomes increasingly popular in general, Florida bass fishing in particular is growing in popularity, especially because as colder weather shuts down all but ice fishing in other parts of the country, Florida’s weather allows the fishing season to continue even into December and January. While the beautiful winter weather is a definite plus, Florida bass fishing is unlike fishing in many other parts of the country, so if you are going for the first time, even if you have an experienced guide lined up, there are several factors that you will want to be prepared for before your angling vacation.

If you’ve done any research at all on Florida bass fishing, then you’ve probably heard about a local favorite lure, referred to as “wild shiners” or sometimes as “Florida wild shiners.” The expert Florida anglers will tell you that because of the unique ecosystems of most of the top Florida lakes, that nearly 9 out of 10 big bass are caught off of these specific lures. Want to take a guess on which lures to use on your Florida bass fishing vacation.

If this is going to be your first trip to Florida for winter bass fishing, you should strongly consider booking a guide. An experienced guide will know how to fish their specific lakes, and will maximize your chances of success. This also allows you to learn the proper Florida bass fishing techniques from a pro until you can get the hang of it for yourself. Or if you’re grabbing several 10+ lb. bass every time you go out, maybe you keep the guide. Either way, it is often best to start with an experienced guide and go from there.

Shiner fishing will be the most popular form of fishing for bass in Florida because it’s so consistently effective. Other lures and techniques can be used to catch big bass, as well, but Florida pros will swear by the shiner, as the other baits and techniques tend to be sporadic in success by comparison. This also involves the use of large hooks, and heavier pound test line than you might use elsewhere because of the large amount of weeds in many Florida lakes.

Florida bass fishing can be challenging, especially to the newcomer not familiar with using shiners. With a little bit of experience and some practice, you can become an expert yourself at fishing these shallow and unique waters, and landing trophy after trophy through days of good drifting and fishing. Florida bass fishing is an endeavor really worth taking, especially in the winter months. Why put the fishing rod in the closet for five months, when you can be nailing the trophies even into the wee days of December.