Kid’s Army Tents – Advantages For Backyard Camping

Kid’s army tents are a must have for any young army fan and whether your kids plan on having a party in the backyard or their own private place while camping with the family there are many advantages to the inexpensive and easy to use kids army tents. I have one word…CAMO!

If you have young kids who live in camo pants in the winter and camo shorts in the summer you are not alone. There is just something about this pattern that kids go crazy for. So why not make their shelter camo as well? Most kid’s shelters for camping are made of nylon (easy to care for) and are reinforced with a polyethylene floor so they are not laying on the ground.

The cost is typically less than a regular family tent and you can often find authentic ones at army surplus stores either in your area or online at very reasonable prices. This can make them a great option for a back yard military style birthday party / sleep over.

Another great idea for using these smaller camo style shelters is as a private “residence” for your kids when you take a family camping trip. Your kids will feel grown up when they have their own space, even if they are only inches from your shelter.

If you want easy set up I recommend the dome style tents over the ones that have aluminum poles. The dome style typically come with the interlocking poles so nothing gets lost and the set up is literally minutes long. However, your kid’s might like the style that is in a angular style that can have each end strung up to a tree. For some kids this might feel more army like.