How To Pull Off A Romantic Weekend of Camping On The Sabinal River

Romance is often thought of being marked with candlelight, fine linens, exquisite wines, and whispering sweet nothings into your love’s ear. Sure, that’s easy, but what happens when you have to up the ante with Sabinal River cabins as your backdrop & weekend camping as your “go-to” activity? Fancy cocktails hostesses in gowns will not save you.

But, why immediately decide that a more rustic setting can’t bring you just as high a romance quotient as a fine-dining atmosphere. It is all in the way you are able to make things work for your and your special someone. After all, the major factor in any romantic setting or getaway is the attention to detail, and a little Texas Hill Country camping may just be perfect.

The Sabinal River is known for having crystal-clear water and sits among canyons playing host to a number of native Texas trees. If you and your significant other are a fan of the outdoors, you’re in a for real treat. Not only are you in prime country for swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and cycling. Camping near the Sabinal is the ultimate playground, and sharing that playground is quite the romantic treat for you both.

In keeping with the outdoors theme, it would be a shame for you both to miss out on visiting the Lost Maples Natural Area. Home to the only maple forest in Texas, located up from Vanderpool, Texas on the Sabinal River, and with nearly 2,200 acres of great Texas scenery, Lost Maples is a must for your romantic camping getaway.

Make your weekend shine by spending just one night at The Old Town Utopia Bed & Breakfast. This little B&B is a quick drive from Garner State Park. Your quaint setting has the small town allure & the comforts of being home that a hotel can’t deliver. This little gem is sure to make the love light shine on both of you.

Since you’re so close to Garner State Park, be sure to pack you dancing shoes and head on over to “The Garner Dance”. You’re in Texas, and that’s official two-step country, so this is a perfect place to cut a rug with the one you love. Not only does this summer dance tradition date back nearly seven decades, it is a great way to spend a rollicking good time with your special someone. Keep in mind that this is a popular place for everyone to meet up for some fun, so get there early.

Finally, sometimes being able to get a little crazy & spontaneous with your other half is as romantic as it gets. Take a drive to the Uvalde County Visitors Center for some quick info on the area and where you can grab some barbecue at the Foothills Brisket Stop next door. Snap some selfies and smooch away with the delightful smell of smoke-ring heaven in the air.

Romance via Sabinal River cabins is no match for the stale notion of what is considered romantic. Just remember that being romantic is easy as long as you’re guided by love.