How Good Are Spion Military Binoculars?

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Spion military binoculars are amongst the most well-known brands. They were first popularized by being sold in the Sharper Image. This was very good for the company, because at the time the store was one of the biggest retailers in America. Military binoculars are a niche item (and will always remain one), so getting the visibility and credibility was a big boost for the company. The Sharper Image though is bankrupt now. The binoculars are however available on the online retailer Amazon.

One can easily see why these binoculars were featured in a store found in every mall. For one, the binoculars are a mere two pounds. This is a big advantage because binocular companies keep introducing heavier models onto the market. This can be a problem if you will be carrying the pair a majority of the time (such as when you are hunting.)

The lenses are also quite strong. They can magnify things 140x. This should be enough for all but the most extreme hobbyists. Those with a bird watching hobby will find this easily enough.

Spion military binoculars are also relatively affordable. They cost around a couple hundred dollars depending on which retailer you choose to purchase from. This is good, because some refurbished binoculars are known to cost just as much.

However, like with every product there are drawbacks. Nothing is perfect. For one, there are no night vision capabilities. This will be a deal breaker for some but not even be noticeable for others. There are a lot of military binoculars on the market. Be sure to do proper research to find the pair that is right for you.