GHD Red Lust IV Styler Limited Edition – New For Summer 2010 – GHD Red Lust Stylers

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Once again GHD have outdone themselves with a new range of luscious limited edition stylers – which if I may say so is there best yet. New from the Choose Your Destiny range which has 4 colours available (including blue serenity, green envy and purple indulgence) is the Red Lust IV Styler/straightener. GHD have been a well known company now for around about 10 years where they helped change they way we style our hair for good. In their words always have a Good Hair Day.

The new GHD Red lust IV Styler is an electric red colour and is probably the most vibrant and noticeable out of the other 3 colours so if you want to feel and look like a celebrity then i suggest you choose the red lust styler. The other GHD’s are called Green Envy, Blue serenity and Purple Indulgence and the red is called Red Lust – and for a reason!

Each set of these delicious straighteners comes with their very own heat resistant quilted pouch which matches the colour of the GHD’s you wish to have plus a black case so you can take them everywhere you go. Well known GHD fans such as Alexandra Burke and Pixie Lott will likely already have there set or in most cases will have more than 1 set to suit the mood their in for that day.

Your new GHD Red Lust IV Stylers have:

  • Revolutionary technology so you can curl, flick, straighten plus much more – so you don’t have to buy separate stylers as the red lust GHDs do it all.
  • Rounder Barrels – curling you hair has never been easier with rounder barrels so no more hair getting caught or tugging whilst trying to style.
  • Ultimate Surface – Meaning no more static hair Thank You GHD!
  • Heat Resistant Pouch – Carry your red lust GHD’s in style
  • Shiver Function – Prevents damaging your red lust GHDs on cold mornings unlike other hair styling products
  • International Voltage – You can take the Red GHD’s everywhere you go and know they go to FULL heat.
  • Sleep Mode – They will turn off automatically in 30mins if they are not being used, so you can be reassured if your running late on a night out they will turn off after 30mins of no use.

These GHD’s can be used in any style and thickness of hair, so whether you have long, short, curly, thick hair you can use these red GHD straighteners. As we all know GHD is a respectable company which offers the highest customer support so you can always contact them. Red Lust GHD will revolutionize your hair regime. Most UK companies offering free delivery plus a 2 year warranty in case anything should go wrong but like all GHDs we doubt anything will ever go wrong.

The new Red GHD are limited edition which simply means like the other range of limited edition GHD straighteners once there gone… there gone and they wont be back!

Choosing Your Destiny has never been easier.