Exceptional Optics – If You Can’t Spot It, You Can’t Kill It

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Spotting game from a distance is hard especially when hunting at night. Using a scope will aid the hunter to spot the game even at dark or at a considerable distance since it has the capacity to magnify the view. This is why bow hunters prefer to use a scope when hunting.

Scopes will either have high or low magnification capability. Higher magnification works better for mid to long-range shots while the low-magnification variability is better for short-range hunting. Crossbows typically use low-magnification crossbow scopes. It is often used to site for deers and antlers in close range. For those who prefer to hunt in an open country setting, scopes with higher magnification variables is the preferable scope to use. A scope’s power can be purchased either in fixed or variable capacity. The fixed power scopes are less expensive compared to a variable one. Bow hunters have the option to use a monocular, a binocular or a laser sight scope in hunting.

A monocular scope is for hunters who want to have a normal unaided sight in one eye and use the other for the scope. Depending on his preference, the monocular scope can be fitted in either the left or the right of eye of the hunter. It is often used during nighttime hunting. The monocular scope can also be mounted on the crossbow if the hunter prefers it instead of fitting it in on the eye. Monocular is convenient and can be operated by one hand.

Binoculars are scopes that use the two eyes in viewing the target. It can be used to view short and long distance ranges. It can also be used even when the hunter uses an eyeglass to protect his eyes from the glare of the sun and from ricocheting arrows. Additional features that can be found in binoculars include eyecups that can be twisted up or down. It makes the viewing of the target easier but such features make the sighting harder if not mounted on the crossbow.

Laser sights are attachments that guide the hunter with hitting the target. The color emitted by a laser sight is either red or green. It serves as a scope sight and it can be attached at the top of the scope or at the body of the crossbow. This gadget uses a high intensity beam and is ideal to use during night and long-range hunt. The use of such gadget in hunting is not an assurance that the game will be hit accurately after the arrow is released. Other factors may come into play including the skill of the hunter who is using it.

When purchasing a crossbow scope, it is better to choose a scope that is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof. The terrain and weather is unpredictable and said factors can affect the performance of the scope. With such kind of features, the owner is assured that the scope can perform well. Also confirm that the crossbow scope has a protective lens cover that will protect the device when not in use.