Enhance the Outcome of Your Deer Hunting Experience

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Time of Year

August is the early part of the season for whitetail hunts. Yet it is also one of the best times to get those amazing bucks. During this time of year, they are still in bachelor groups, and they still have velvet on their antlers. They are more vulnerable during this time than any other part of the year. They tend to have predictable behaviors so you can scout them and make a move.

You will have to check the zoning to find out exactly when in August you can benefit from this early part of the season. It will also depend on if you plan to use a bow or a rifle for your whitetail hunts. In some zones, you cannot use a rifle until September one but that is still a good time to go out.


It is important to go scout where they will be. Once you find them, you will notice they are predictable. They will follow the same territory path in their niche habitat to find food and water. The exception is the bachelor men as they do not really have a territory yet. They will be moving, looking for women to possibly mate with during the rut.

When you notice trails, those are good places to think about placing a hunting blind or a tree stand. There is an exceptionally good chance they will come through there often enough for you to do well with your whitetail hunts. You may have to stay in your blind or tree stand for hours though until they arrive. You must be patient and wait for them to come along on their own schedule.

Stay alert so you do not miss them! Make sure you have your weapon ready to go and in a safe place until you need it. Do not be in a hurry to take your shot. Instead, focus and gain confidence you can make a clean shot before you release one. Make sure you do not have trees or other debris in your line of fire that could prevent the arrow or the bullet from the target.

Wind and Scent

Nothing is going to ruin your whitetail hunts like them picking up your cent. They are curious animals, and they pay attention to their territory. If something smells odd, they are going to get out of there. You do not want your time spent waiting for them to be ruined because they can smell your soap or your cologne. Leave those items out of your daily routine so you are not detected.

The wind can also cause shifting in the way the scent of you being in that area go. Use the wind to your advantage to help you stay under the radar. This is a tactic that takes time to master but you do not want to ignore it. You need all the variables in your favor that you can manipulate out there!

Be Prepared

Always be ready for your whitetail hunts. Make sure others know the zone where you will be, and you check in with them when you get back. This ensures someone can look for you if you get lost. Take along right clothing so you can dress in layers. The temperatures can change dramatically throughout the day and evening hours.

Make sure you have food and water with you. Dehydration can cause you not to feel well or to become disoriented. Take along food items that will not spoil due to the heat. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings.