Economic Camper Trailers

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Do you remember growing up and taking the camper out with your parents or grandparents? Exploring new places, streams, lakes, forests. Enjoying nature, eating food you can cook on a stick, and playing cards by lantern light well into the night? Camping is a time honored tradition in many countries like the US and the UK. Camper trailers or “coaches” as they call them overseas are a very popular way to get out and unwind after weeks of stress that builds from modern living.

Camper trailers are a very convenient and easy way to take a weekend holiday. They are typically small and lightweight, they tend to be easily towed by even a normal car, and they are easy to transport and more importantly- store when you’re not camping. Some of these campers are hard shelled, and they have a teardrop shape that helps keep the mileage down on your gas bills as you drive to and from the camping grounds. Often they have features like mini kitchens and burners, possibly a small generator for electricity, and cabinets for storing your camping supplies and food. Basically everything you need for any weekend warrior type.

Folding campers are good compromises between a full on RV and a backpack with a tent. They offer the small space and price that makes them available to many, while still providing the creature comforts you know and love and yes… even need.

When traveling alone, with two people, or even with a small family, a small camper is a fun purchase to make for everybody. There’s nothing quite like taking your tea alongside a flowing river, or cooking some fresh s’mores on an open fire. Those are memories that you will hold close in your heart for years to come.

There are many different brands of campers and travel trailers, and used camper trailers are a hot ticket item in the Summer, Spring, and Fall times. Especially in an economy that makes international vacations unrealistic, owning your very own version of a hotel room and taking it out on the weekends is a great way to get the R&R you need while not spending more money that you don’t have.