Do You Want Real Zebra Skin Furniture For Your Home?

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Did you know that zebra hides have other uses apart from only being used as rugs? If you didn’t now you do. If you are going for the whole nine yards of zebra rug decorating, you would do yourself a favor by learning all the other accompaniments that you can use to complement your rug.

Think of your room, do you think you can add other elements, including your rug of course, without cluttering up your space? If your answer to that question is yes, then you definitely want to know about the following things finished with zebra hide:


Chairs come in different shapes, forms, sizes and upholstering. You have chairs great for camping; chairs for the dinning table; chairs for your office or chairs for your living room. But the one thing we are going to focus on is the finishing. Instead of ordinary fabric or leather, zebra skin is used.


Everything about these benches is the same as an ordinary one. The only difference comes in when zebra skin is used to finish the piece of furniture giving it the black and white stripes that give zebras their unique appearance.


Ah, the beautiful footstools that add their own value to a room. These too can also be finished with zebra pelt just as chairs and benches.


Everyone knows how important pillows are to any living room. Zebra skin pillows do a good job at embellishing and putting the finishing touch to a zebra themed room and play the same role as ordinary pillows.


Though I am yet to come across a couch with zebra skin, it does not mean they don’t exist or can’t be made. One thing is for sure though, quite a bit of zebra hide would be needed to completely cover just one couch and would turn out to be very expensive.

Complete Zebra theme

If money is not an issue and you think you can give your entire living room a complete overhaul, you can go ahead and buy as much zebra hide furniture as you can to truly say your zebra theme is totally complete.