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Hunting Boots: Things to Consider Before Buying One for the Next Hunting Escapade

Going for a hunting adventure, then just hunting gear is not enough. One needs to have the best-hunting boots as well. Hunting can be a thrilling as well as long and dangerous escapade at times, therefore it is important to keep one’s feet comfortable at all times. After all, comfort is the most crucial thing […]

Hunting Dog Origins – Tracing The Evolution Of The Hunting Dog

The origin of the hunting dog dates back 20,000 years ago when Mesolithic man used early dogs to hunt for food, shelter, and clothing. While hunting in only a sport now, and rarely used in the western world for sustenance, an ancient hunter’s life depended on his hunting success. 9,000 years ago the dog’s role […]

Hunting With Suppressors in Mississippi

Sound suppressors for firearms, commonly but incorrectly referred to as silencers, have been around for more than a hundred years. Long victimized by Hollywood as being something only an assassin, spy, or commando would use, it’s not a commonly known fact that thousands of these legal devices are owned by common everyday sportsmen who use […]