Camping Cooking Guide

Cooking at your campsite can be a fun and worthwhile experience. A camping cook site is the same as a kitchen; it is the heart of the home. A campsite cooking area should be easy to use and make cooking pleasurable. Bring all of the cooking products you will need to your campsite and make sure they are of good quality. Good products to have are Dutch ovens, sandwich makers and a grill. These items should be made of cast iron.

Another great addition to your supplies is enamelware. Enamelware is sturdy enough to handle the heavy food items that are typically cooked by the fire. They are reasonable priced and can handle years of use. Besides great cookware you need tasty ingredients and great recipes. Food should be kept in airtight containers and needs to be kept dry. If you have items that you need to keep cold, use dry ice. When you follow these simple suggestions you can have a surprisingly great meal that was cooked on an open fire.

The best way to enhance good cooking is to bring along family and friends who really want to be there. Add some musical instruments to be played while you are sitting around the fire and you have instant ambiance. To be successful at cooking while camping you need to have the right gear, recipes and a great attitude. Do not worry if you are not an excellent chef right off the bat; it will get better the more you practice.