Boat Trolling Motors – Where Are You Going to Put It?

A boat trolling motor is usually an electrically powered motor which is designed to propel your craft at around five miles per hour, they are not going to pull a water skier!

Trolling is simply moving your fishing boat slowly across a fishing ground, trailing the lure through a shoal of fish, the trolling motor allows you to do this quietly and without too much disturbance.

Boat trolling motors come in basically three flavors, bow mounted, transom mounted, that’s the back for non-boaters, and engine mounted models.

Bow mounted motors are preferred by many anglers as it keeps the motor away from any fishing lines trailing behind the boat. It is also easier to control a boat from the front as it will turn with less resistance than a rear mounted motor.

Transom mounts are generally less complicated set ups and for some people this is a main consideration these motors are usually easier to mount and dismount so if you need to take your motor home with you for security reasons a transom mounted trolling motor may be your choice.

A very neat and tidy trolling motor is the engine mounted model. This type of motor actually fits on to the shaft of your outboard or on the cavitation plate.

The engine mounted trolling motor allows you to turn your motor boat into a fishing boat without the need for swapping the engines over, steering and control is incorporated into the main engine linkage and so there is an aesthetic advantage too.

All these boat trolling motors are useful to the non-angler also, for generally moving your boat around in tight spots such as a marina, they are quiet, environmentally friendly and welcome in lakes or rivers where traditional gas powered motors are banned.