BIGGEST Fish Caught from a Dock

While we were filleting squid that we had caught during our swordfish trip that day, Preston hooked a jack crevalle, and out of nowhere, a massive goliath grouper came up from the depths and tried to eat his fish. I quickly grabbed the 130 and ran to the fillet table. I put the jack on the hook, and within seconds, this monster goliath grouper returned and swallowed the jack. After an intense fight, I managed to beat the subdue the beast. This fish was massive, the biggest I’ve ever caught from a dock! I estimate the weight between 300-400lbs. The goliath grouper was safely released.

Fishing from Docks for Bass

Bass fishing from docks provides an easy yet interesting fishing experience. While some people may think that you can’t catch any good fish from shore that is hardly the situation. Bass are found in many areas of lakes and ponds and tend to hide in the shadows of weedy areas near shorelines and docks.

Lakes, ponds and rivers can easily be fished from the shore or dock. There are some advantages to fishing from a dock instead of a boat. For one thing you can easily keep plenty of tackle nearby. Bass can be difficult to fish for. One day they may prefer one type of bait while another day they want something else. Fishing from dock allows you to have many types of lures at your fingertips so you can easily change your game plan.

Sometimes bass like to hang out near shore. They often like to hide in shady areas. Many times you’ll find bass near the docks or shoreline. They also like weedy areas. Some of these areas are too weedy or full of debris for you to get close to by boat. Fishing from shore allows you to get closer to these areas.

When bass fishing from the dock make sure that you are properly equipped. If you will be moving around you will do well with portable tackle. The newest tackle setups offer soft cases that hold many different small packs. These packs can be organized to carry specific types of lures. Then, when you start fishing you can bring only those packs that you may need. One way to carry these packs is by wearing a fishing vest that is made to hold tackle. Some other tackle boxes can attach to your belt.

Just because you are bass fishing from a dock doesn’t mean you can forget about safety. Dock areas can be slippery. There are also ropes and tie-downs that you can trip over. Shorelines can be rough and have steep inclines. Always wear appropriate shoes or boots when fishing to help you keep your footing. If you are near deep water wear a life vest for safety. Bring your cell phone with you and always let others know where you plan to be.