Best RV Campgrounds in Benton

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Benton is a city in the Benton County which is situated in Washington. The population was around 3000 according to the 2007 census. The city is quite influenced by the nearby city of kiona. It shares its school boundaries with the city of kiona. It is quite beautiful as well. There are many campgrounds in this city or around it. They all are good.

Some of the campgrounds are as follows:

1. Elm Grove RV park

This is one of the best RV parks in Benton. You will definitely have a very good time in this park. All the major hook ups are being provided and you will feel quite comfortable. Swimming pool is provided and there is a nearby beach as well. It is quite sure that you will have a very good time. You can also do fishing out here. Just catch the fish and clean it in the fish cleaning area.

After that you can cook it for your camping meal. This procedure provides lots of fun. You can also enjoy the boating. Many people prefer to swim in the swimming pool because they are health cautious.

2. Beach RV park

This is yet another RV park which is situated in the city of Belton. It is definitely a great campground. It is definitely among the best in the region. You will not find many RV parks in this region. Hence, this park is quite crowded. The people from all round the world come here to enjoy their holiday. It is quite crowded but yet it is silent. All the people are busy in their own life and hence your privacy will not be affected. The wireless internet facility is also being provided and you can do your online business from the park itself.

3. Benton RV park

This is definitely one of the major parks in Benton. It is not situated in Benton but is just a driving distance away from the city. Hence you will have lots of reasons to enjoy out here. The internet facility is provided. You will also enjoy swimming pool as well as the electricity and the water supply. Let me tell you that the lake out here is filled with fishes. You will easily be able to catch one. You can then cook it and eat whenever you like.

These are some of the RV parks which are situated in Benton. In fact these are the only three camps which are available in Benton. Make sure that you book a seat in one of them before they are filled to capacity.