Art Of Social Interactions – How To Master Them

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Is man a social animal? Often this doubt comes to our mind. By nature man would like to be in touch with others at the family level or perhaps with those within the comfort zone. However, when it comes to being socially active and interacting with people away from the comfort zone more often than not we find ourselves struggling. We build walls made from paper and surround ourselves with it. We stutter and stammer when asked to speak in a gathering or converse openly and freely with acquaintances and perhaps even strangers.

Hence it would not be a bad idea to find out ways and means by which we can hone and sharpen our conversation skills and become socially more acceptable and relevant. Being a couch potato or becoming a professional channel changer would not take us much ahead in today’s fast changing world. Whether it is career, job, business, marriage, interpersonal relationship or other such things, there is no doubt that those who can win over people are the ones who are likely to succeed. Let us therefore try and find out some reasons why people flounder in social gatherings and what steps could be taken to remedy the situation. We also will look at the various ways by which one can master the art of social interactions.

Reasons Why We Draw Ourselves In A Shell

There are many reasons why many people, who otherwise are intelligent, smart and good looking, often flounder when it comes to being successful in socializing. First and foremost it is basically a fear of the unknown that plays a big role and builds artificial barriers which becomes impossible to break over a period of time. The next important reason could be attributed to low self esteem. This again is something that could literally destroy even a feeble attempt at socializing and being free with a crowd of people. The next important reason could be attributed to breaking the ice or getting the conversation. The fear of being ridiculed or being rebutted often is considered to be a major stumbling block. So it is important to nip these in the bud and the next few lines could be important as far as finding answers to the problems are concerned.

Learn To Break The Ice

Learning to break the ice is often considered to be the best way forward when it comes to mastering the art of social interactions. Simple things like complimenting a person for the kind of dress that he or she is wearing could be a great way forward. This would be a much better option than asking mundane questions like “how are you”, “may I know your name please” and so on. A simple smile and a shake of hands could also go a long way in breaking the ice and starting a conversation which is very important for any socializing.

Build Bridges

Whether one is dating a girl or trying to sell a product or service nothing happens by rushing things true. It certainly calls for building a rapport and more importantly building bridges of confidence and comfort. You could start off by talking about sports, films or other such topics of general interest. In fact it would always be better to make general comments rather than trying to impress or press home one’s point of view. There is a lot of difference in saying “I love football” instead of saying “I think football is the best sports”. The latter could be about trying to put forth your view strongly and this may not go well with the other person, especially when one is trying to build bridges and create rapport.

Be Good At Giving Rather Than Taking

People like to “get” rather than “give”. This is a common human psychology and when trying to master the art of social interactions” this should always be kept in mind. Hence perfecting the art of giving could be very useful. This however has to be done quite carefully and might not work all the time. You should know when to use the techniques and especially when it comes to girls one has to be very careful about it. Simple things or acts that make the girl happy or the prospective customers feel pleased could go a long way in socializing better, whatever the final objective might be. If you find that a girl is genuinely in trouble or not happy about something, you could offer your hand of help which in eight out of ten cases would be reciprocated.

Become Easily Approachable

The best way to become socially acceptable is to have an easily approachable body language. This is not very difficult to master and all that is required is a smiling face and a pleasant disposition. When in a party or social gathering you could come across people looking for or struggling to find their way forward. You could chip in and offer your help and a big and genuine smile from the heart could certainly work wonder in most of the cases. Being snobbish or maintaining a stiff upper lip and trying to throw one’s weight around would most certainly be the worst thing when it comes to socializing and building relationship.

Always Be Positive

It has been proven over and over again that being positive is something that has always worked very well in all situations and circumstances. Men and women in general would like to be surrounded by people who are always positive as far as their interactions are concerned. Attitudes that are positive are very contagious and they spread like fire. It would not be long before a positive person is surrounded by dozens of people and this without any doubt is one of the best tricks as far as sure-shot socializing is concerned.


At the end of the day, there is no doubt that we are in a people’s world and therefore it is important to find out ways and means by which we can improve our people’s skills. This is not a difficult job provided we know how to go about it. In most cases it calls for tweaking a bit of our approach towards people and making sincere efforts to get out of our comfort zone.