13 Essentials For Outdoor Camping Gear – Experience Nature At It’s Best!

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Before setting out on your camping expedition check and then double check your camping gear for the most relevant items you will need on the trip. It is important not to over load your back pack with unnecessary items you do not actually need. These items only add to the weight of the backpack and tire you out. So, check for the basic necessities and do away with the oddities.

Irrespective of the duration of your trip, you should ensure that your camping gear has the following items packed away and easily accessible during the trip.

1. A few geographical maps stored in a waterproof container.

2. A magnetic compass if not a GPS gadget.

3. Adequate clothing.

4. Adequate food.

5. Proper water container.

6. A well equipped medical kit.

7. Emergency battery operated flashlight.

8. Fire lighting equipment such as a lighter.

9. Compact stove.

10. A multi-knife set.

11. Camping tent and associated equipment such as rope and pegs.

12. Sleeping bag.

13. Chlorine tablets for water purification.

Carrying your maps and compass in water proof containers is very essential while on a camping trip. Most camping trips are best enjoyed in places that have never been visited before by you. However, even in familiar areas you could just as easily get lost and you never know the quality of the printing on the maps, so do not risk getting the maps washed or smudged by rain or moisture. Carry a good deal of clothing too you never know when the weather may change. Some extra food and water is just as important so stock up before you leave and replenish your stock at every point of civilization. Make sure that you have a good first aid kit too. Snake bites are not a rarity on camping trips, neither are falls and bruises. Also make sure you undertake a first-aid course when you have the time before setting out on your camping adventure.

Water purification tablets are a must on any camping trips. It is alright to think that the water from a spring or stream is OK to drink, there is nothing wrong with taking some precautions. A tiny pill mixed in a container of water filed from one of these natural sources will only prevent disease and a whole lot of suffering.

If you are planning a camping trip where wild animals such as bears are known to visit places seeking food, it is advisable to keep your food in a proper storage container where the smell of food is trapped inside. Also keep a whistle or other alarming device with you, this can help you raise an alarm someone at a distant place can hear in case you are trapped or lost. Apart from these simple gadgets such as whistles and fragrance proof containers for food there are many items you might want to check out at the local sports store or general market. However, select them wisely and take what you really need and not something for its novelty value. Keep your back pack as light as possible and enjoy your trip.